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Angela Barbagallo is a mother of two and expert personal stylist based in Sydney. With 17 years experience the passionate style entrepreneur knows how much women struggle with the changes in their shape. 

The body shape expert, who has more than 12,000 social media fans, says that celebrating the female body in all sizes and shapes will inspire other women to be more confident.

“Every day I see examples of women who feel depressed about changes in their body due to ageing, childbirth and menopause. This can often lead to much stress and anxiety”, says Angela.

“I help them choose clothes which suit their body shape to give them the confidence to get their identity back.

“Witnessing such breakthroughs in self esteem and happiness, it brings me so much joy to see them blossom so beautifully.”

Angela is the author of 8 Ways to Look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer and the co-author of the Amazon best-seller: The Real Woman’s Guide to Hair.

From Drab to Fab

Narelle's Online Style Journey

“Before I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror but now I have the confidence to go out on dates and I know I don’t have to be size eight to look fabulous.”

Marriage celebrant Narelle Murray was one of Style Angel’s clients who struggled with her shape and issues with her knees and feet. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997 and never gave much thought to what she was wearing.

“I hated my body and I always wore baggy, mainly black clothes – I looked like the Vicar of Dibley,” says the 63 year-old, who lives in Sanctuary Point.

But all that changed after working with  Angela Barbagallo. She not only helped her in an aesthetic sense by encouraging her to wear colour and fitted clothes, but also helped her career.

“Before I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror but now I have the confidence to go out on dates. I know I don’t have to be size eight to look fabulous.” 

Post Baby Confidence

When Rosemary Shapiro-Liu had her child at 46 her body changed dramatically. She had been a dancer for many years but post-baby her body changed to a more maternal, hourglass figure.

“My job requires to speak in front of large audiences, so I need to feel confident and comfortable with how my new body looks” says the Author and Coach.

“Angela gave me some fantastic guidance. She taught me that small tweaks can have a big impact on the way you look.

“I never realised the length on tops, can make a huge difference to an outfit. What I have learned has changed my life forever.”

Shopping Up A Storm

For 50 year old, Karen Burke, shopping did not come naturally. Knowing she needed help, she invested a lot time into working together with Angela Barbagallo.

Karen is a Principal of a Wollongong High School and she likes to dress immaculately from head to toe. Her style is elegant and time-less with a touch of chic.

“I used to loathe clothes shopping. I could never find anything that fitted me properly. Now I am buying and wearing clothes I’d never have looked at before,” says Karen. 

This busy mum-of-two created a wardrobe she loves by organising firstly what worked and what was missing. When she adds new items to her wardrobe they are always a 10 out of 10.

Giving Her Style Rut The Boot

“Raising my daughter alone, I focused on work and family and never gave any time to how I looked,” says 63 year old Judy Jones.

“I was feeling drab and frumpy before I met Angela eight years ago. She helped me create myself and build self-esteem, which changed my life in many ways.”

Judy who is an executive assistant in Sydney, hired Angela for a colour and body shape consult and came to many Style Angel style and make up and hair workshops.

She worked hard to create a timeless wardrobe that suits her shape and her colours.

“I recently overheard my daughter telling my grandchild ‘Granny looks after herself and she is beautiful’. I never thought I’d hear anyone talk about me like that!” 

From Corporate High Flyer To Enjoying Life

“I recently took early retirement after working in a corporate environment for more than 34 years,” says Sue Taylor, a lover of golf.

“With a wardrobe full of office wear, I had no idea what to wear casually. I was in a style rut.”

Sue met with stylist Angela for the first time at the Penrith Diana Ferrari store for a 2 hour Style Session.

She knew there was more work to be done and loved her Style Angel wardrobe styling and make up lesson.

“Angela opened my eyes to casual fashion and it’s given me a new lease on life. I feel so much better about myself when I feel confident about my clothes.”