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As a Personal Stylist, every day we see examples of women who feel depressed about changes in their body due to ageing, childbirth and menopause, which can lead to much stress and anxiety.

“I used to loathe clothes shopping. I could never find anything that fitted me properly. Now I am buying and wearing clothes I’d never have looked at before!” says mother-of-two Karen Burke.

Booking a shopping, colour or wardrobe session with a Style Angel Personal Stylist could very well be the start of your new found confidence you deserve so much.

You will get help with choosing clothes which suit your body shape at your preferred shopping destination or in the comfort of your home. Women in regional Australia are supported in their style journey via special video link up with their Personal Stylist.


Narelle now is confident to wear lots of styles and colours.

“I hated my body and I always wore baggy, mainly black clothes – I looked like the Vicar of Dibley,” says Narelle Murray, a marriage celebrant.

But all that changed after working with Personal Stylist and Style Angel, Angela Barbagallo, who not only helped her in an aesthetic sense by encouraging her to wear colour and fitted clothes, but also helped her career.

“Before I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror but now I have the confidence to go out on dates and I know I don’t have to be size eight to look fabulous,” Narelle Murray says.

“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997 and have issues with my knees and feet, so I never gave much thought to what I was wearing.”

It is an honour to be a part of so many women’s style journeys with their growing self esteem and confidence shining through so beautifully.

Giving you confidence in they way you look filters through in such a positive way to your family, work and life in general. We help them choose clothes which suit their body shape to give them the confidence to get their identity back.”

We have seen such breakthroughs in confidence and happiness. It brings us so much joy to be able to play a part in your journey and see you blossom.

“Raising my daughter alone, I focused on work and family and never gave any time to how I looked. I was feeling drab and frumpy before I met Angela eight years ago. She helped me create myself and build self-esteem, which changed my life in many ways. I recently overheard my daughter telling my grandchild ‘Granny looks after herself and she is beautiful’. I never thought I’d hear anyone talk about me like that!” says grandmother-of-three, Judy Jones, 63


Style Angel, Angela Barbagallo surrounded by her clients to celebrate their new found confidence.