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I hear you say “I am in a Style Rut” all the time.

I hear you say “I am so bored with my wardrobe”!

Let’s do something about this!

Something that will change the way you get dressed in the morning

I have designed this 21 day Style Challenge for you to kick your Style Rut to the curb and to really become used to mixing and matching your wardrobe.

I will be with you every step of the way, giving you styling tips for 21 days as well as suggestions on what styles could complement your wardrobe. I may recommend a better match from the items I have seen you wear so you get stronger at mixing and matching.

You will receive incredible value out of this challenge and you will have documented how many different outfits you can create from your wardrobe with my help. My 14 years of expertise will be put to good use!


  1. You register for the  21 Day Style Challenge by pressing on the Button below.
  2. For 21 days you take a picture of this outfit with your phone.
  3. You upload your photo to your Private Pinterest Board that only YOU and ME have access to, straight from your computer, phone or iPad.
  4. As soon as you upload this photo to your Pinterest Board I will be notified and I will give you my feedback on what looks great and how you can improve this outfit. I may even suggest styles via Pinterest that would look great as well.
  5. You may choose to upload an image a day, 7 images at the end of each week or 21 in one go. The choice is yours, the feedback will be same and you will receive an instant notification once my comments are uploaded.
  6. You can do this Challenge with a Friend or Family member and you will then share a Private Pinterest Board with them.
  7. When you complete this Challenge you will receive a Mix and Match Certificate and you will get a Special Mention on the Style Angel Facebook Community.


For $49 you have unlimited access to my personal comments and recommendations.

YEP, you read it right, just $49! Normally Clients pay hundreds of dollars to have one-on-one time with me so this is a super bargain.

For that you get:

– Private one-on-one time via Pinterest, email and phone for 21 days.

– A complimentary extract of Style Angel Book “8 Ways to look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer by Dressing the Best for Your Body Shape”

– Your Body Shape confirmation including perfect styles for your shape.

– Bonus Contents and uploads


I know you have a busy life so I am going to send you snippets of bonus style information directly to your email that I know you will benefit from. This will be in addition to my personal feedback on your Daily Outfits on Pinterest.

As a 21 Day Challenge VIP Member you will have access to me via email or phone for any Style question you my have.



I believe in giving you a fantastic experience during this 21 day challenge. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service you are receiving you will get a full refund of $49, no questions asked!


Click on image below to join the 21 Day Style Challenge. You will receive a check list via email so you receive all the information you need to get started.


You will receive a Style Certificate after you have completed your 21st day of your Challenge and a Special Mention on the Style Angel Facebook Community!


Q: What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a fantastic website to upload images to a Pin Board. It allows me to make comments and add images to your Board. You must register for an account on Pinterest , make sure you follow Style Angel so I can create your Private Board and download the Pinterest app to your smart phone or iPad by going to your App store. You will get full instructions how to set this up!

Q: Can I do this Challenger via Email only? Yes of course if you feel Pinterest is not for you then you can email me your image and I will give you my feedback via email. From experience I know that once women get used to Pinterest they love using it!

Q: What classifies as an Outfit? Great question! Mixing and matching is about getting the most use out of the pieces in your wardrobe you enjoy wearing. For example the same pants and cardigan can we worn with many different tops, scarves and accessories. As soon as you change one item of the original outfit you have created a new one! If you need help with this just reach out to me via email as soon as you have registered.

Q: Who will take my photo? You can take a SELFIE or ask your kids or husband to take a photo. These images will not be seen by anyone but me so no need to worry about the quality or how you look. Just make sure you include your shoes in the photo

Q: Can I do this with someone? YES you absolutely can. In fact this is a great way to learn from each other! You will all have to register via the link below and you all need to be set up with Pinterest on your Phone/iPad so I can create your Private Group Pin Board to which you all can upload your daily image.

Q: Will this take a lot of time? You have a busy life so I have made it super easy for you to take a photo and upload. Do it while you are waiting for the lift, read your comments when you are relaxing at the end of a day. I will also send you “bite size” chunks of tips to your email.

Q: Can I pause my Challenge? Yes under special circumstances you can Pause your challenge. Just contact me directly to talk this through. I highly suggest not to make ANY excuses as an image is uploaded to your Pinterest board within 5 seconds . You can choose to upload 7 photos from the whole week.

Q: What is your refund policy? I believe in giving you a fantastic experience during this 21 day challenge. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service you are receiving you will get a full refund, no questions asked!

Q: When can I start the 21 Day Challenge? You can start RIGHT NOW!