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10 Most Important Things to Look for When You Shop

Shopping for yourself is not a skill, a gene you inherit or a special gift available only to a selected few.

On the contrary, it is a simple checklist and a focus and a determination to only ever buy things you love 100%.

Yes, you can take a deep breath, roll your stress-shoulders and say goodbye to aimless wandering at your favorite shopping destination.

I will share with you all my personal styling techniques I use so you can enjoy building a great wardrobe that you love.

As my gift to you, over 10 weeks, you will receive a topic each week to your inbox,  filled with all my personal styling tips I share with my Clients.

The 10 topics that will be covered over 10 weeks are:

  1. What is missing in your Wardrobe.
  2. What looks great for your Body Shape.
  3. What are your best Colours.
  4. Bring out the Personal Shopper in you.
  5. Create a Shopping Plan.
  6. Tips on how to set your Shopping Budget.
  7. Spot the Look.
  8. Pick the right Pattern.
  9. Check the perfect Fit.
  10. The Love factor.




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