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The Real Woman’s Guide to Hair

There is something so powerful about being happy with your hair—it frames your face, it lifts the colour on your face, and it is on display at all times.

Penny is the hair and colour expert who has had her hair salon for many years, and she is also a senior Train the Trainer of future hairdressers.

Angela is a personal stylist, face shape, colour and body shape expert as well as the author of 8 Ways of Looking Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer by Dressing the Best for Your Body Shape.

There are many elements of you and your body that make up the perfect look that you feel comfortable in and all those areas are going to be addressed. Topics like your body shape, your neck length, and your profile will all be revealed.

It will help you to discover what your face shape is and, more importantly, what styles look great for your particular shape.


Hair characteristics such as fine hair, hair loss, and greying hair are often sensitive areas for women (and men for that matter), and you will find practical options in this book.

The topic of hair colour will be covered—in its full purple rinse glory—from the basics of colour to how to fix your hair if your do-it-yourself home colour kit didn’t work out, and you are now a gorgeous shade of orange or khaki green.

Hair colour is one juicy topic and Penny Martin is like a gorgeous scientist with a huge amount of skill and technique in this area, so they are excited for you to get to that section!

YOU are an individual and you have your preferred look, so Penny and Angela have put together a simple hair style personality quiz and corresponding styles that work really well for you.

This book is all about educating and empowering you so that your confidence will grow about your hair, your body, and what suits you.

Keratin and other hair chemicals like silicone that you may be exposed to every day will be addressed so you can make an educated purchase in future.

From their combined fifty years of being in the “making you look and feel great” industry, Penny and Angela know what’s troubling you when it comes to your hair.

There is no doubt that putting a book like this together is a project of passion, a labour of love, and the result of many years of Penny and Angela looking after their clients.

Penny and Angela have put this book together with all the advice about hair styles, hair colour, and face shapes they share every day with their clients.

They anticipate that you may have a few “a-ha!” moments and possibly a few “oh no!” moments as they uncover the facts about hair and colour.

Penny and Angela are truly honoured that you’re taking the time to read the fruits of their labour of love and passion.

This is a real woman’s guide to hair! Enjoy!


8 Ways to Look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer by dressing the Best for Your Body Shape

CONFIDENCE translates into all areas of your life. When you are confident, you walk with spring in your step, the glass is half full, the kids behave and there is a flow to life that is intoxicating.
In this book,

I am going to share ways how you, once and for all, can find out what your body shape is. Let’s get that question squared away for good! It’s a simple maths equation and from there your world/wardrobe will open with great options.

Dressing yourself for your shape to make you look taller and slimmer is going be so easy for you … as I will give you styles to look for! I am going to share all my tricks and tips, do’s and don’ts that will help you create a fantastic wardrobe that works for YOU so you can dress for every occasion with confidence.

If there is one thing I really want this book to do for you, is to open your mind that your confidence is ONLY millimeters away. Your Style and Colour Rut can be dissolved instantly by following a few simple steps.

Those simple steps you take will result in:

Is that something you are interested in? YES? AWESOME, then you are in the right place!

If your answer is NO then maybe you want to give this book to your best friend, mum or colleague!  This book will guide your Bonus Tools, Visuals and Video.

My advice is to read this book over a few days and take your time checking out the extra bonus material as I specifically created this to help you get even more confident in the way you look!

I am super grateful you are spending time learning about how you can look slimmer and being more confident in how you look!

Just imagine I am your Guardian Angel in charge of Wardrobe sitting on your shoulder helping you make AWESOME shopping decisions!

Declaration of Style
My commitment to YOU is that I will give you my ALL! My experience, my tips and my feedback to your questions on the Style Angel Forum. You – being confident in how you look is my biggest joy in life.

I am super excited to get started on your Style journey and before we start there is something we need to do together.

Join me in saying this Declaration of Style OUT LOUD:

I LOVE all parts of my body UNCONDITIONALLY.
I CLEAN out my wardrobe every 6 months so I know what I have.
I will ONLY have in my wardrobe what I LOVE.
When I shop, I look for what I NEED.
When I try on clothes I KNOW they suit my body shape.
When I try on clothes I LOVE the feel of the fabric.
When I try on clothes I KNOW the colour suits me.
I will ONLY buy clothes I LOVE 100% and trust my gut feel.
I will NOT be talked into LOVING something by a shop assistant or best friend.
I will keep the TAGS on purchases until I am 100% confident I LOVE them. (you work hard enough for your money!)
I will ONLY splurge within my budget.

Here is to YOU being Confident in the way you look!