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Your Best Fashion Colours Experience

Your best fashion colours

“Wearing your best fashion colours is the quickest way to lots of compliments”, says your expert Colour Consultant, Angela Barbagallo.

Colours that best suit your hair, eyes and skin tone and simply make you look amazing.

You will receive a Colour Swatch with 60 of your best colours and a 40 page personalised colour portfolio filled with great information about colour!

Your Best Fashion Colour Consultation

Your expert Colour Consultant, Angela Barbagallo, will set up her colours analysis tools in a light spot in your home.

You will be draped with professional Colour Drapes that will determine what are your best fashion colours.

You will receive a colour swatch with 60 of your best colours, a durable pouch to store your swatch in as well as a personalised colour manual.

This session also includes a body shape analysis and one hour of Wardrobe Styling where your best colours and styles will be matched against your current wardrobe. 


The charge of the session is $249. 

Sessions are available Monday through to Friday all throughout Sydney, Wollongong region, Central Coast and Newcastle (travel charges may apply).

The Colour Consultation comes with a 6 months VIP access to your Personal Stylist via email, Skype or Pinterest for any style, wardrobe or colour questions you may have.

Your Personal Styling Session also comes with exclusive access to the Style Forum by Style Angel, a closed group on Facebook.

Gift vouchers are available.

Your best fashion colours


Your Best Fashion Colour Consultation – ONLINE

Getting your Colours done once is such a great step forward to choosing a wardrobe that you love.

This Colour session is available from anywhere in the world.

You will receive a link to an online questionnaire via email to start your experience. Next you will send two high-quality jpeg close up images of your face and eyes and complete the 2 minute online questionnaire.

I will pick your 60 best colours and I will send you your high quality Colour Swatch containing 60 of your best colours and your Personalised Colour Portfolio ,within 10 working days via registered mail.

The charge for Online Colour Session is $175 and available from anywhere in the world.

Your best fashion colours



There are a number of Style Angel Personal Styling sessions that will compliment your Colour Consultation Session.

A Wardrobe Styling is a really powerful way to start so we know the Gaps and where you what Style direction you would like to move your wardrobe to.

A Personal Styling Session is a fantastic way to learn how to look for your best colour and styles with the help of an experienced stylist.

Make Up Lesson. A great way to learn one-on-one how you can apply your make up best, what colours to use and and what tools to use.



“Thanks for the new confidence your colour and style analysis have given me! I am doing really well.  New haircut and colour, I have brought some new coloured tops and the Arbonne skin care is going well.” Emma from Melbourne booked in for an Online Colour Session and Skin Care Consultation

“I found the experience a lot of fun. We came as a group my best friend, sister and daughters to share the experience. I found that in general you already instinctively go towards the colours that suit you but would not have the range I found in the colour portfolio and personally I had no idea how to put them together for the best effect. The wardrobe organisation allowed me to throw out the things that really I did not wear but thought I might one day HA Ha. I also found it very theraputic throwing it away, now I can look around for better colours and shapes to fill the void. Angela you know how to make people feel at ease and comfortable even though some of our topics ie, problem areas may be sensitive to some of us. It was reaffirming to hear what we already knew, interesting to hear new ways to look at things, tips to disguise bits, and a really fun enlightening day.” Sue from Guildford booked a 2 hour Style Workshop and a 2 Hour Colour Workshop  for herself, her 2 daughters, her sister and best friend. She also got a Style and Colour Portfolio done and finished it off with a “Shop in Your Wardrobe” Consultation which took place at her home

“Going through my colour portfolio with Angela was fun and educational. I learnt about my body shape and what clothes would suit me best, and more importantly, what clothes to avoid. Going through the colours was a real eye opener and I am looking forward to adding these to my current black & white wardrobe. This has made me think about my current wardrobe, and how I can improve on this to make sure I am wearing clothes to suit me, both style and colour. I am looking forward to more efficient shopping where I do not have to try on half the shop to find the best item for me!” Joanne from Roseville won a Colour Session which took place at the Style Angel Studio