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Wardrobe Goals


This is a great session if you feel your wardrobe has lots of potential but you just don’t know how to put it all together!

I focus on your Body Shape, your best Colours, Accessories and Mix and Matching your existing Wardrobe.

This session takes up approximately 3 hours and includes a gap list. A gap list is very powerful as this means you are starting to get real about what is working in your wardrobe and what is not.

This is a perfect place to start and Clients often decide at this stage to book in for a Style Session as well to completely kick their Style Rut to the curb!


Preparation is the KEY to a successful Wardrobe Styling. Prior to your Wardrobe Styling you complete an online client profile and you send me 2 images of yourself so I can prepare your session in terms of current style and your potential style directions!

We will meet at your home at a convenient time and head straight to your wardrobe. I will start with a Body Shape analysis so I know what styles will look amazing on you. I prefer to have the bed clean so we can start with pulling each garment section out one of by one. Often you will need to try some pieces to confirm it fits and it looks amazing.

We will create different piles of clothes that need altering, dry cleaning, recycling and the rest will go back into the wardrobe. Our Gap list will continue to grow during this session.

The session will take 3 hours and we take up every second of it with making your wardrobe look amazing.

We will focus ONLY on fantastic pieces that make you feel FABULOUS and make you look TALLER and SLIMMER. Outfits are a “10 out of 10″ with lots of MIX and MATCH capability and that will stand the test of time!


The Wardrobe Styling is 3 hours and the charge is $329.

Sessions are available Monday through to Friday all throughout Sydney, Wollongong region, Central Coast and Newcastle (travel charges may apply).

This booking comes with 6 months VIP access to your Stylist for any of your wardrobe, style and colour questions.

Your Upgrade Options

  1. Mix and Match online guide for you for all the items in your wardrobe so you know exactly how and what goes together. Add $100.
  2. Two or three hour Personal Shopping session to find the items you are missing in your wardrobe. $299 for 2 hours or $399 for 3 hours.

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There are a number of Style Angel sessions that will compliment your Wardrobe Styling. All of the below sessions can be done on the same day or over a few days. It is up to YOU!

A Personal Styling Session is a really way to find all the items and styles together with an experienced Personal Shopper. It is like a great desert after a fantastic meal. You will get a sense of completion and you will have kicked your Style Rut to the curb! Make sure you read the comment below from Style Angel Clients as it will show you how they felt!

A Colour Session is a great session to ensure you get your colour choices right ALL the time. You GET your colours done once and your Colour Swatch lives permanently in our handbag! Another tool to simplify your shopping.

Make Up Lesson. A great way to learn one-on-one how you can apply your make up best, what colours to use and and what tools to use.



“Angela was great, she had some great advise and loved every minute of my two hours with her. highly recommend it!” Amanda from Botany booked in for a Wardrobe Styling which took place at her home in Botany

“WOW what an amazing experience!!! I was anxious to start with and had many concerns about spending the money, was it over indulgent, and would Angela ‘get my style/non style’,  but I can honestly say its the best investment I have made in a long time.  During the ‘Shopping in my wardrobe’ session which Angela made the trek to Port Macquarie for, Angela helped me to make the hard decisions about what should stay and what should go or was worth altering.  The shelves were definitely a little bare so that week I booked Angela for a shopping trip.  Not only did I come away with some amazing outfits/pieces I also learnt so much about how to shop.  Angela was also amazing with pairing things back to what she knew was in my wardrobe at home.  Shopping has been my arch nemesis for many years but since our trip I have been shopping successfully on my own and even had 2 girlfriends ask me to come and help them, which of course I used Angela’s tips and tricks. The online style portfolio and colour swatches have really been the icing on the cake for me and I know they will help me to continue to ‘put together’ amazing outfits that truly suit me. Thanks to Angela’s brilliance I now feel much more relaxed about what to wear and way more confident when I walk out the door. And I have to say others have definitely noticed the difference. Whether you start with just the online portfolio or getting your colours done or you go for the whole shebang like I did, you will be amazed at what it does for you. I really cant believe Im now excited at the idea of shopping – Thank you so much Angela you really are a true Style Angel…” Cindy from Port Macquarie booked in for the Wardrobe Styling and Style Session.

“With my wardrobe I always felt like there were some gems in there but lost among a whole lot of clothes that do not fit or do not suit or were on sale and still have tags on. I was really looking forward to getting some direction about what to shop for, colours that suited me and to put an end to me buying items that look great on the hanger but unflattering on me. The whole shopping experience was fantastic, I could see the difference that wearing the right colours for my fair skin tone (Barbara is most suited to Warm and Autumn coloours) was making to my overall appearance. We also found a pair of Mavi jeans that made me lose 2 kilos instantly! I went home with 4 dresses, sandles, jeans, a work blouse and trousers, tank tops and some great accessories, all without breaking the bank. People comment every time I wear an item we bought together. Could not be happier!” Barbara from Coorangbong received a Christmas Gift Voucher for a Style Session and a Colour Swatch and Portfolio which took place at Pitt Street Mall

“From the first phone call confirming the gift voucher had been processed, I felt that you were extremely professional and efficient. You arrived promptly at your house at the agreed upon time. You went to work quickly, without much small talk in order to maximise the 2 hour wardrobe consultation. You did not make suggestions that would result in spending more money, but rather helped me “shop in my own closet” and created new combinations or showed me how to update items that I already had. The colour analysis you did was on the mark and many of your comments were consistent with consultants I have worked with in the past, which helped validate your expertise. Your follow up was amazing in terms of answering lingering questions and sending a ‘thank you’ right away. Your visit really opened up a whole new world to me with the comprehensive website in place and access to all kinds of information I never knew was available on on-line. As you know, I have already purchased some Arbonne products and a gift voucher for my husband to be used as a Christmas present. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone I know interested in learning more about how to look better.” Alexandra from Mosman booked in for a Wardrobe Styling which took place at her home in Mosman