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8 Ways to Look Taller and Slimmer for a HOUR GLASS Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is ONE of most crucial steps to finding styles that suit you. So well done for taking the time to discover what your actual body shape is.

It is very likely that you were quite chuffed with your Body Shape. Your HOUR GLASS shape has been revered in the world for many years. Your Bust and Hips are in proportion and your waist is tiny in comparison.

Your HOUR GLASS shape is the body shape category that less than 5% of women fall into. Your key is to always accentuate your waist and find tops and bottoms to not only show off your curves but that actually fit. Clothes are made generously in the bottom will leave a huge gap in your waist and alteration for you is almost always the only way. Bra fittings can be difficult for you too as our Bust size on average is DD+ and your band size small.

Have I hit the nail on the head? If not, comment below your HOUR GLASS Shape Joys and Horrors  and I will personally answer any questions!

You may ask yourself, will my body shape change? YES, there is a very good possibility! And here is why: When you have had children and/or you are going through Menopause you will find that your waist thickens a lot, your stomach is not as flat and female curves may appear on your back (also called back fat but I think female curves sounds much nicer!). You might also increase in bust size and even the band size.

You may not know that when going through Menopause, your vertebrae collapses slowly and your internal organs get pushed into slightly different positions towards the front. Your metabolism also slows significantly so the extra flesh around the waist is not always a sign of over indulgence but nature’s way of distributing all your organs.

So now back to the question of body shape changes; you may have been an HOUR GLASS Body shape and now post kids and menopausal often see your waist thicken and therefor you now measure as a RECTANGLE shape.



This is what I do BEST, spot great styles for your Body Shape and I am continuously updating them. I have chosen Pintarest for this as it allows me to show you WHERE the product came from in case you would like to go into store or purchase online and WHY it is such a great choice for you. I will cover all areas from bras to tops, dresses, cardigans, pants, skirts, coats, sports gear.

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Below is an excerpt from the Style Angel Book “8 Ways to Look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer by Dressing the Best for Your Body Shape.” download your Free Copy of the Book and Bonus editions!

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AND Here WHY: Because it makes your BOTTOM look MUCH BIGGER if your DO!!! A big horizontal line gets created as soon as there is colour difference between the top of your body and the bottom of your body. That horizontal line is what people see when they look at you. And not only that, their brain has no choice but to finish that line and make it longer.

So there you have it! Clearly not what you want! I can sense your panic as this might be something you have done for a long time.

You have 2 options to finish your tops that both equally will make you look SLIMMER:

1. Wear your top  at least 5 cms ABOVE the widest part of your hips in a curved or scooped line where your top is lower on the front and higher on the side.

2. Wear your top BELOW the widest part of your hips. Your body has worked out a Magic Spot. Hold your arms by your side and the point on your leg between the knuckles and the bottom of your finger tips is IDEAL.  If you look at your natural shape that is the point where the female curves are slimmer on your leg.


I know, I know it sounds TOTALLY boring …. But the difference it makes in how much slimmer you look is incredible when you get the hemlines techniques right! TOP, JACKET AND COAT SLEEVE Your sleeve should never pass the knuckle of your wrist. An easy way of testing this is by holding your arm straight by your side and folding your hand towards your sleeve. If you can touch them your top, cardigan jacket or coat is too long in the sleeve. For your good quality jackets and coats I recommend you spend the money and get the hems taken up. For your tops and cardigans you can get away by hoisting them to 3/4 sleeve length. There are 2 reasons why a slim sleeve length is important. Firstly, showing a slimmer part of your wrist and not the wider part of your hand will show slimness. Showing slim points of your body creates a “slim all over” signal to the person’s brain. Another trick you can nail easily!


You have learnt earlier that a slimmer part of your leg is at the bottom of your finger tips. That is the minimum length for your mini skirts, dresses or shorts. You may feel much more comfortable to wear your skirts just above the knee or just below the knee. Both spots where your leg is at its slimmest before the curve of your calf. The mistake a lot of women make is that their skirt and dress size is too big. This makes your skirt hem sit lower that your waist and therefor the hemline gets too low. This means spending money on altering and most likely your skirt moving in circles around your body when you walk. Next time when you are trying dresses and skirts make sure you try one size smaller than your usual pants size. Skirts and dresses need to fit you in the waist, fit comfortably over your hips and come in  around the leg to show your body off at its best! Showing slim parts of the leg will send a message of slimness to the person who looks at you. That is the secret in how to trick their brain, show slimness and hide the larger parts and listen to the sweet voice of a compliment coming your way!  

4TH WAY OF LOOKING SLIMMER & TALLER – BE A QUEEN OF WEARING THE PANTS PANTS HEMLINES Your leg has a point in the lower calf at about 3/4 down the leg where the size is less. That is a great starting point for summer pants. The ankle grazer pants length works great for slim leg pants you wear with flats or ankle boots. The full length pants hemline is best taken up to 1cm below the top of the heel. So where the heel meets the shoe, measure 1 cm and that is your sweet spot. If you shoe size is above average in size you should choose 2 cms below the top of the heel to balance your foot size. You can just imagine, bottom of the pants and a huge foot sticking out is not as elegant as your foot is slightly more covered. In my case I have a super small foot which is below average and my best length of pants is right at the top of the heel. I often see women wear their pants too long and making their lower body look stompy and big as well as the proportions of lower and upper body out of balance.

5TH WAY OF LOOKING SLIMMER & TALLER – WEAR PATTERNS IN TOPS AND DRESSES! I hope you are starting to get the idea that most of looking slimmer and taller is about tricking the brain of who is looking at you. I call it becoming the “director of where people look”. Being in charge of your outfit is super important and anyone can follow these strategies. Wearing patterns is a GREAT way of hiding your natural curves as you kick the brain in overdrive leaving it no option but to follow the pattern as opposed to get stuck at your muffin top. Some simple rules on patterns: You must love the pattern The pattern size must match the size of your bone structure. Just pick your match: Small wrist and small height —> Small pattern size is best Medium wrist and medium height —> Medium pattern size is best Large wrist and tall height —> Large pattern size is best It is a great balancing act!  

6TH WAY OF LOOKING SLIMMER & TALLER – BECOME A VERTICAL LINE AND DESIGN EXPERT!  Please stay with me on this one as it is a SUPER important step. It made the TOP 5 of CRUCIAL WAYS TO LOOK SLIMMER AND TALLER. Yes it sounds pretty technical but it is super simple and I have some great visual examples you can learn from on Pintarest and on my website by clicking here. You know your body shape and you now know what part of your body needs balancing up. For example a Pear shape body needs broadening (or horizontal lines) at the upper body to balance the larger lower body. The lower body looks super slim if you use a pin stripe in the fabric. Choosing a skirt with a patterned panel in the middle with black sides is like an instant weight-loss program. Choosing a dress with a strong vertical stripe in the middle and darker sides with a strong waist definition is an awesome choice. Using a scarf tied into a v-shape (see the video here) or a bright necklace is also a smart way to looking taller. The attention goes to the upper body and therefor instantly your body appears taller and slimmer. Please check out all my favorite “Instant Weighloss Programs” (I mean clothes and not diets!) available in store OR ONLINE right now on Pinterest!

7TH WAY OF LOOKING SLIMMER & TALLER – USING COLOUR TO ATTRACT THE ATTENTION TO UPPER BODY! I think you are ready for the Piece de Resistance! The finishing touch in your Slimmer and Taller journey. Using different colours in your outfit is a fantastic away to achieve your desired outcome of a juicy comment of “You look amazing, what is your secret?” CLICK HERE for some awesome visuals will make it super easy easy for you: Follow Angela’s board HOW LOOK TALLER AND SLIMMER WITH COLOUR on Pinterest.

  1. Wear lighter or brighter colours under a dark jacket or dark colours under a light jacket. What this does is “slice” the sides off your waist which created the illusion of looking slimmer. The taller element happens because you are creating a vertical line. You are guiding the person that looks at you to look up and down.
  2. Create a bright point of attention in you upper body. You can do this with a scarf, a colourful necklace, a great pattern in a top, great glasses. You might think well would that work for my body shape?
  3. Blend the colour of your stockings or tights with your skirt or dress. Here is the mistake I see over and over. By getting this point right you WILL look Slimmer and Taller instantly. The moment you wear let’s say a black skirt with long black boots and you wear black opaque stockings you will create one vertical visual line going up your body. Let’s say if you chose no stockings that day or neutral/ skin tone coloured stockings —> bingo, you are creating a big horizontal line between the bottom of your skirt and the top of your boots which draws instant attention to usually a wider area of your body!
  4. In summer it is great to wear nude shoes instead of black to again flow the colour up your body!



And then there is the ALMIGHTY BLACK…….. well certainly a colour that is readily available in the shops, a colour YOU know that will be flattering in hiding some curves.

BLACK often plays an important part to create amazing patterns and lines that make you look super slim and tall. You will see so many options I have created for you in your body shape Do’s and Don’ts.

Perhaps BLACK might also be the CURRENT REIGNING QUEEN of taking the most amount of space in your wardrobe.

BUT…. did you know that if Black is not part of your one of your best colours, this colour will make you look tired, drained of colour and older.

It could cast shadows in the lines on your face and it could make any bags under your eyes look even darker so it is important to know how you could make black work for you.


  1. Wear black away from your face. The lower the neckline, the easier black will be to wear. Worn under the waist in skirts, pants and shorts, black will be fine.
  2. Think 80/20 above the waist. By wearing 80% of your best colours above the waist you can afford the 20% that is are are not your best like perhaps black.
  3. Show plenty of skin. The more you cover your body in black the more it will affect your total appearance. A black dress is easier to pull off if you expose your arms and your show a bit of skin in your neckline.
  4. Adjust your make-up when you wear black close to the face. Perhaps brighten your lips and apply eyeliner and mascara to give your eyes added definition.
  5. If you have a heavy lined face TRY YOUR VERY BEST TO avoid black above the bust line.  Black will throw shadow into the lines on your face, making them more noticeable.