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Discover Your Body Shape

Let the fun begin!! When you know your body shape it will give you clarity and you may even give me a few “A-Ha’s” . But the most important thing is to then focus on what styles work for your shape.

You can then take the styles and compare them to what you currently have in your wardrobe.

How this will work best is that you get yourself a tape measure right now ready to go and pen to write down some measurements. If you don’t have a tape measure, simply cut a piece of string long enough to measure around your hips and grab a ruler.

I have prepared a Body Shape Calculator and a Video where you can simply follow the steps and work out in 3 simple steps what your body shape is.

To make the information relevant for you I have prepared tons of information which you can access just by clicking your body shape image.

Just follow the prompts below.

A Serious Note to Your Super Critical Inner Voice before we Start!

Let’s make a promise to each other that is life is way too short and precious and your physical and mind health is number 1.

These days way too many women get struck with life-changing diseases, where the size of their arms, stomach and bottom is the least of their worries!

SO let’s go for it together and break through the daily habits on being down on your body. Be kind to your body and just read the tips below on how YOU can be a confident dresser.

I really want to stress that it is a super important step in you looking amazing. Letting go of the negative thoughts will life the veil that holds you down. How would you feel if someone told you negative stuff to your face ALL day long. Quite frankly it would probably make the News as the biggest BULLY in town.

Let’s SAY OUT LOUD  again the FIRST Declaration of Style as it is a biggie! For all the Complete Declaration of Style Click here.


I promise you that taking this part seriously will give you freedom!

Your body is all you have and it is a magnificent machine. Age, child birth, menopause and other factors will most probably change your shape, where you carry extra female curves and what feels comfortable. No need to fight it!

Embrace the changes  GORGEOUS WOMAN…. you are in the perfect spot right now to learn lots of smart tips!


What’s your body shape? 

We have already covered in Step 1 that all bodies have their fleshy bits and I want you know that there simply is NO GOOD OR BAD body shape.


Each shape has amazing style options and I am going to show you how you can work your body shape to YOUR best advantage with simple steps. And I mean AT ANY WEIGHT! From size 6 to 26+!

STEP 1:  With a tape measure, measure yourself from your back around the fullest part of your chest (over the nipple line) with your bra on.

STEP 2: Hold your legs still and move your upper body. Put your index finger on the pivoting point in your waist where your upper body moves on your lower body. Welcome to your waist!! Measure around your waist with your tape measure.

STEP 3: With a tape measure, measure yourself around the fullest part of your bottom.

STEP 4:  Enter your chest, waist and hip measurement into the body shape calculator below and your body shape will be automatically calculated!



RECTANGLE Body Shape by Style Angel INVERTED TRIANGLE Body Shape by Style Angel


APPLE Body Shape by Style Angel