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Corporate Image Consulting

Corporate Image Consulting

CEO of Style Angel Corporation, Angela Barbagallo, is an expert in Corporate Image Consulting.

Style Angel has Corporate Image Consulting packages available that range from image workshops for your team to Executive image consulting that focuses on the individual.

Looking for a fun idea for your next staff party, let expert Stylist, Angela Barbagallo, put a proposal together of ideas that will excite your guests and will give them an experience to remember.


Companies such as American Express, Bupa, Jetstar, Bank Of America/Merrill Lynch and HILTI just to name a few, have appointed Style Angel services to educate their staff with a variety of different confidence and image outcomes.

A detailed proposal will be prepared based on your team’s image requirements.

Small group workshops or team building sessions.

Dress for Success presentations for a larger audience.

Special event entertainment options available.

Fashionable Fundraising expertise.

Working with your Executives

Angela Barbagallo, is an expert in executive corporate image consulting. She works with your Executive on a one-on-one basis aiming towards a corporate style and image that will match their corporate image to their capabilities.

A detailed proposal for each Executive will be prepared based on your requirements.

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Personal Stylist Sydney Angela Barbagallo


About Corporate Image Consultant, Angela Barbagallo

Angela Barbagallo is one of the brightest minds in personal styling and confidence coaching today.

Since 2000, she has contributed to the increased confidence of thousands of clients in how they feel about themselves. She has educated them into making great style choices which translates into increased feelings of well being and a positive attitude in life.

Her guidance to many men and women how to dress in the corporate world and how to ensure that the way you dress matches your capabilities, has no doubt contributed to her clients’ successful career paths, confident return to the workforce transitions for many women and increased promotion chances.

She has formal qualifications in Colour and Body Shape Image Consulting as well as a Bachelor of Hotel Administration of the prestigious hotel school The Hague, in The Netherlands. Angela’s background in 5 star hotels working for Hyatt in the early ‘90s now translates in giving each Client an outstanding experience either in a group or as an individual.

Angela was appointed NSW Stylist for Diana Ferrari in 2011 as part of their Fusion Reward Program. Angela also collaborates with the Swiss ultra premium skin care and make up company Arbonne which allows her to offer a complete make-over service by providing expert skin and make up advice to her clients.

In providing her Clients with as many confidence tools as possible, Angela has launched her first Amazon book in her Confidence series with the title “8 Ways to Look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer by Dressing the Best for Your Body Shape”.

Angela’s life purpose is to give people and teams confidence in how they look. People’s confidence will lead to the world being a more beautiful place and that is exactly the spark that started Style Angel many years ago in a time where hiring personal stylists was not the “in-thing”.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop that Angela held for our Cabin Crew. Angela’s advice on what colours to wear to match our colourings and presentation tips were very helpful. The workshop was fun and informative”, Jetstar HR said.

“Burwood Council recently commenced an exciting staff project called Our Burwood – Journey to Success. As part of this program, I was given the task of finding a stylist to put together a package for our Personal Assistants to motivate them in dressing professionally. I emailed three organizations off the internet – Angela Barbagallo being one of those three. Angela was the only person who rang me to ask what we were specifically looking for. We spent time on the phone and she prepared a tailored package according to our needs. This package included a general overview aimed at females as well as a personalized packages put together for each PA according to her size, shape and needs. Angela was extremely helpful, professional and very patient. She knew exactly what our needs were and the packages presented were of high quality, well thought through and a lot of effort has been put into each one. Burwood Council will be looking at other programs that Angela has to offer over the next couple of months that appeal to the male and female in improving their business and social success. I will be more than happy to speak to you in recommending Angela. Thanks for the presentation, it went very well and lots of positive feedback. I will keep your other seminars in mind for future event calendars ”, Burwood council said.

“Angela has changed my life. When I wear what we bought together I get a response from people that is enviable. Angela has helped me find and build on my own sense of style. My life has many aspects family, social and business. Angela was able to help me find what was right for me in each situation. I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to upgrade their image in line with their career, personality and life style.” CEO Margot Cairnes said. 

“We all had another great night & wow… what a surprise being given the Nancy Ganz shape wear, that was definitely a bonus & very much appreciated!! So the thanks must go to you for a very informative night. I’ll certainly be in touch if my friends would like to book anything else. Many thanks Angela”, Cathy from Engadine said after she attended the “Secret Women’s Business” seminar hosted by Style Angel.

“Angela was decisive, sensitive and competent”

“What a great experience! Angela was fantastic. Definitely will be recommending this experience to colleagues.”

“Thank you for the day I had a great time. You are a lovely person and I feel privileged to have spent time with you. Good luck in your business, I will certainly be telling all of my friends and colleagues about this experience.”

“Fantastic experience would do this workshop again in a heartbeat! I have received so many compliments after using the tips I learnt.”

“I was not surprised this would be a positive experience for our team as we had already received a sound recommendation from one of your Clients. We were impressed by your efficiency, professionalism and directed approach. An important part of the process was learning to have the confidence to attempt different looks and styles as well as understand what properly fitting clothes should be. We would have no hesitation in recommending Style Angel to our colleagues as a positive experience!” 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really enjoyed the workshop and you taught me a lot.”

“Would highly recommend this experience. Angela’s feedback was honest and thoughtful whilst considering my desired outcomes and concerns”.

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