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What Clients Say About Their Style Angel Experience

Sydney Personal Stylist Style Angel Angela Barbagallo Client Review

Having a Personal Styling Session can be very daunting. My focus is to make my Style Angel client at ease as quick as possible and enjoy our time together. I am not there to judge but to share all my styling knowledge that is relevant at that time with my client so she is more confident about how she looks. I witness jumps of exhilaration, squeals of joy and very big smiles in the change room.

My job is an honour!

I have put a compilation of the comments I received on my website to share with you the Style Journeys of my beautiful Clients.

Have you ever had that dreary feeling of “WHAT DO I WEAR” when an invite comes in? My Style client Sally would in the past just simply not go. BUT, she asked for help, we had a style session together and since then she has a wardrobe she loves. She knew that make up was not her strength so she also booked a make up class to practice an easy look she can manage. And look what she sent me via email: “Thanks Angela! Just wanted to share with you that I went to one of Sydney’s finest restaurants last night. The invite came last Sunday night so I didn’t have much time to prepare! In the “old” days, I think I would have just said I couldn’t make it. But thanks to you and all your wonderful help, I had the perfect dress in the wardrobe. All I had to decide was which shoes (and it was a choice between two pairs that went beautifully with the dress) and which handbag (again an easy choice from what was already in the wardrobe). I didn’t get home from work yesterday until 5.30pm and was showered, hair blow-dried, dressed and full makeup by 6.15pm.  Easy! And totally stress free! So thank you very much! Your assistance and advice seem to have had a lasting impact in so many positive ways.” Sally from Thornleigh booked in for a Style Session at Diana Ferrari at Hornsby as well as a Make Up Lesson at her home.

“Hi Angela​, I absolutely loved my session today. I am so amazed and I love every one of my items I bought. I walked away stunned as I have never looked this great and modern!!! I always wanted to be updated and modern but always afraid to take the step. Once again thank you so much!” Kelly from Penrith booked in for a Style Session at Diana Ferrari at Penrith.

Featured Client, Sue Taylor, from Corporate to Casual

imageI met Sue Taylor for the first time at the Penrith Diana Ferrari store as she booked in for a Style Session. Sue had recently retired from a Management role of over 34 years for a large corporation and she wanted to discover what styles and looks suited her new life style.

Sue told me, “I have kept pretty active over the years with hobbies such as physical culture, yoga, personal fitness, African drumming and Zumba. Now that I am retired, I am hoping to get a piano and get back into music and playing. Also, my husband and I love to travel and already planning more trips around Australia and overseas.”

Many women struggle to find their casual mojo after many years investing mostly in their corporate wardrobe. Sue did something very special for herself. She gave herself permission to get some help and she dedicated time, effort and money in finding styles and new looks that look amazing on her.

Click here to read about the Style Journey of Sue Taylor, from Corporate to Casual 

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Featured Client, Narelle Murray, Style Journey of a VIP Client

Narelle Murray is an authorised civil marriage celebrant and a justice of the peace and she loves her work. She has been in customer service and sales for most of her working life and she has a friendly and open personality. Narelle lives 200 kilometres south of Sydney and she is a besotted mother of 3 dachshunds.

Narelle is confident in her work but was lacking the same confidence in how she looked. Narelle says, “I wasn’t confident I was looking my best and I wanted to improve my appearance and self confidence.”

Click here to read the full story about Narelle’s style journey as one of my VIP Style Angel Clients.

Client Feedback after their Style Angel Session

“Thank you so much for your time, help and advice on Thursday. I had a great time and found it so helpful! I love the pieces I came home with and feel so much more confident in re-building my wardrobe with basic key pieces, fun on-style clothes and accessories too. All your suggestions made so much sense and have given me a lot to think about. I’m so glad that I organised myself to come and meet you and feel inspired for future shopping! I have already started looking through some of your Pinterest boards. I will be sure to recommend you to family and friends!” Sarah from the Hills District booked in for a Style Session at Diana Ferrari at Castle Towers. Sarah is a Mum of 2 kids and a Teacher. 

“Thanks so much! I had a lovely time during my Style Session at Diana Ferrari Erina. You put me completely at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. On top of that I came home with some really useful additions to my wardrobe and I have a better idea of what I need to look for in the future. I am feeling a lot more confident with my wardrobe choices and I am excited about dressing-up in my new outfits. As I walked through the airport security gate today a lady walked up and complimented me on the jacket I was wearing. It was the one we selected yesterday. That has never happened to me before.” This Style Angel Client is a Top Executive who travels extensively nationally and internationally and is based on the Central Coast. She booked in for a 2 hour Style Session at Diana Ferrari and is considering a Make Up lesson as well as a Wardrobe Styling.  

“It was a great day, Angela was very knowledgable, but not pushy. She knew which shops were having sales, (which helped the budget go further) and really got the choice of clothes correct for my style” Brenda from Palm Beach booked in for a STYLE SESSION

“Two hours of enjoying clothes shopping. I felt comfortable trying different styles and there was no pressure from Angela. Angela gave me positive and fresh approach to selecting clothes. I was very sorry when the two hours were gone. I would recommend my stylist with a gold star. Put it on your bucket list!” Catherine from Concord receive a Gift Voucher from her daughter Erin for a STYLE SESSION

“Just a quick thank you for our styling session on Saturday.  I had a great morning.  Your advice has given me the confidence to reach out of my comfort zone and try different styles and colours.  Tested one of the outfits on Saturday – it was a hit :-). I will certainly be spreading the word.” Grace from Acacia Gardens booked in for a STYLE SESSION at Westfield Penrith

Most my Personal Shopping Clients book in because they absolutely hate shopping. Last Saturday I met a lovely Client who is 4″ something and has found shopping a huge effort to the point where panic breaks out. She is in a serious management position at work and has a huge team looking to her for direction. We spent 3 hours together at Westfield Parramatta and found lots and lots of awesome outfits, accessories, shoes and a bargain super amazing purple dress for her Tahiti holiday. This is what makes me tick and I was so happy when Jennie’s email landed in my inbox this morning.     “Well let me just say as much as I dislike shopping I did have a great day -I learnt a lot and as of today I am absolutely stoked. I am wearing my new sandals (and yes my feet don’t look as tiny in these) ok I may have a pair of Lorna Jane pants on but have the watermelon coloured top from Jacqui E and have had sooooo many people have made commented on how I looks and they love the colour on me!! Wooo hoo I’m feeling like I am 5″ tall today 🙂 I can’t thank you enough….. ” Jennie from Kurrajong booked in for a STYLE SESSION

“I loved the style consultation on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I made a real effort to wear “Soft Summer” colours and when I was out shopping in David Jones Tuggerah a sales assistant came up to me and complimented me on my colour choice in clothes!!!! I told her I had had a consultation the day before. ” Fiona from Central Coast booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari Westfield Chatswood

“Thanks for the email Angela, I had a terrific time and am enjoying the new clothes. It was a great experience, I think it is good to have an independent viewpoint, and you really tuned in to my style and personality very quickly. I hope that I now have the confidence to buy less, better quality & co-ordinating pieces. I will certainly keep you in mind as I take the next steps of my style revolution journey!” Belinda  from Penrith booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari Westfield Penrith

“Would highly recommend this experience. Angela’s feedback was honest and thoughtful whilst considering my desired outcomes and concerns for my new look. My two hour session was conducted efficiently – no time wasting just down to business. I tried on a number of outfits in a short space of time – most look fabulous. At the end of the session I walked away with a refreshed look and loads of confidence. Thanks Angela and Style Angel Corporation.” Grace from Acacia Gardens booked in for a STYLE SESSION at Westfield Penrith

“I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you for your help and advice yesterday at Diana Ferrari. I really enjoyed the experience and I am very happy with the new clothes I now have. I can’t believe how quickly the time went. You have given me new ideas and great tips on styles, colours and fashion that I’m sure will be able to use again in the future. Once again my thanks to you.” Kylie from Mosman booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari Westfield Chatswood

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really enjoyed the experience and you taught me a lot. I have a bit more courage now to go and try things on, looking at shape and colour more so than deciding straight off that I don’t like something when I see it on the hanger. I love the clothes I have bought, and I will be back for shoes. I found your advice very good and sound, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. I would be interested in the 1 hour make up lesson, I will contact you around April/May time as I have a lot on (and overseas visitors) between now and then. I think I tried on more clothes in the 2 hours than I have since I arrived in Australia 8 years ago! Thank you again! I hope you have a lovely weekend, and hope to see you soon.Claire from Kareela booked in for a STYLE SESSION at Westfield Miranda

This was great – I thought I had an idea of what suited me – it turns out I was on the right track!! Angela really made me feel special and helped me to narrow my ideas on what works and what colours are best. Very exciting and I felt very special walking around the shops with my own stylist!!!! Jenny booked in for a STYLE SESSION at Westfield Chatswood

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for the most wonderful, exciting and learning shopping experience I have ever had. I can’t stop telling everyone about it, and two days into the office, I was stopped as I walked in the door by the girls and questioned “Have you had a make-over, my god you look great!!” There you go, not only did you make me feel like a beautiful woman, other people are stopping me ask ;-). Thank you again, it was such a special day.  EVERYONE has noticed, and whilst I was a bit nervous the first day I walked into the office, I held my head high and just pretended everything was normal. One of my co-workers commented on Monday said I looked very professional and like wow!!, then… well today…  I walked in wearing the blue shirt, little diamonte necklace and grey stripped skirt and knocked everyone out for a SIX…… Great ‘water cooler’ conversation… I would be more than happy to give a referral anytime you need one, just let me know.” Anne-Marie from Lakemba booked in for a STYLE SESSION

“I really loved our session on Saturday! I feel like I learnt so much and my eyes have been completely opened to what I should and shouldn’t wear! I guess now it will be a case of putting it into practice over the coming months and years. I would also love to do another session when summer comes in, to get your opinion on summer clothes ie shorts skirts summer tops etc. Then I’ll be all kitted out! I went home on Saturday and emptied my wardrobe and split it into what I should get rid of, what I should keep until I can replace it, and what I should keep longer term. I also ordered everything according to colour and style so I’m definitely more organised! I actually emptied my money tin yesterday and went back to Miranda and took out my layby (world’s shortest layby) and got a couple of pairs of Ambra shapewear shorts. Plus a new bra on Saturday and I got fitted for it which I’d never done before so my new one is a much better fit. I feel like a new person! So thanks again for your help, and I’ll be in touch in a few months for some summer help!” Laura (25) from Oyster Bay booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation with her Mum Bev at Miranda Diana Ferrari

“I’ve been raving about you, and looks like a couple of girls from work might be contacting you soon! I’m thinking that now you’ve shown me what looks good, I really need to clear out my wardrobe and start again. Thanks again, you have really made a huge difference in what I wear and my confidence! People have noticed.” Michaela booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Castle Towers Diana Ferrari

“Thank you for the great experience, it has definitely given me a new perspective on what and how to wear things. I am now looking at my clothes in a new way and realise that I have many pants that need adjusting as I have been wearing them too big. So I’m off to the alteration place! Take care and thanks again.” Jodie booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Castle Towers Diana Ferrari

“Thanks for the email Angela, I had a terrific time and am enjoying the new clothes. It was a great experience, I think it is good to have an independent viewpoint, and you really tuned in to my style and personality very quickly.
I hope that I now have the confidence to buy less, better quality & co-ordinating pieces. I will certainly keep you in mind as I take the next steps of my style revolution journey!” Belinda booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Penrith Diana Ferrari

“I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you for your help and advice yesterday at Diana Ferrari. I really enjoyed the experience and I am very happy with the new clothes I now have. I can’t believe how quickly the time went. You have given me new ideas and great tips on styles, colours and fashion that I’m sure will be able to use again in the future.
Once again my thanks to you.” Kylie booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Chatswood Diana Ferrari

“Thank you so much for your assistance. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you and now feel more confident in my choices – particularly in trying to apply your colour and shape advice. I do love all of my purchases and have had very positive comments when wearing some of my new items. I am going away in a few weeks and not returning to Australia until the end of August so I will get back to you then regarding a further consultation.” Denise booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Burwood Diana Ferrari

“I enjoyed the session yesterday at Macquarie.  I wore the red top today and received several compliments (including one friend who is going off to buy the same top this afternoon).  I am going to review my wardrobe bearing in mind the information that you gave.  Thanks very much.” Lyn booked in for a Diana Ferrari Style Consultation at Macquarie Diana Ferrari

“Angela was decisive, sensitive and competent. A winning combination for a stylist!” Rosemary from Burwood booked in for a STYLE SESSION

“What a great experience! Angela was fantastic. Thankyou for this amazing opportunity to update my wardrobe with clothes I feel great in, fit perfect and look forward to wearing. Definitely will be recommending this experience to family and friends.” Nicole from Rouse Hill booked in for a STYLE SESSION

“Thank you for the wonderful experience of my shopping morning with you. I had a fantastic time! I am please to report that I have now worn all of the pieces we chose and loved them all! I won’t hesitate to pass your details on to my friends and colleagues, it was such a fantastic experience! I will also be back to try some of your other styling packages. Thanks for your emails, I am enjoying the news!” Belinda booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari Castle Hill

“Thank you for the day I had a great time and feel that I understand a lot more about style to suit my shape. You are a lovely person and I feel privileged to have spent time with you. Good luck in your business, I will certainly be telling all of my friends and collegue about my day. I wish you and your family a great Christmas wonderful 2012.” Lisa from Country NSW booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari Kotara Newcastle with her 3 friends.

“Thank you Angela for such an informative  and successful experience. I did learn so much. It has given me confidence with my shopping, allowing for a speedier hunt with success! I have also sung the praises of your business to my many friends. They are always very interested in the process.” Candice from Annandale booked in for a STYLE SESSION 

“I really enjoyed the style consultation and got a lot of ideas on how to better select clothes that suit my shape and colour.” Kerri from Newcastle booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“It was lovely to meet you also and I am enjoying my purchases. I felt very professional in my new white/black suit and now they have elected me as one of the group leaders for the year which is a big honour as this is an international standards organisation. I think that suit has well and truly paid for itself.” Elaine, Miranda  NSW booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“Fantastic experience would do it again in a heartbeat! I have received so many compliments after using the styling tips I learnt and clothes I bought.” Tracey from Epping booked in for a STYLE SESSION

“I thoroughly enjoyed my styling with you and love all my purchases. The other dress that I ordered was waiting for me at home and fits perfectly and I can’t wait to start wearing the dresses at work next week – which one will I wear first?! Thanks once again for a fantastic morning and I’ll certainly be in touch if I have any questions. I’ve also recommended you to some people that I met at the awards dinner on Thursday night.” Zoe, Adelaide SA booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“It was great and I learnt a lot about what colours suit me best!” Jessica from Leichhardt booked in for a STYLE SESSION  which took place at Westfield Bondi Junction

“Thank you for your help and I really enjoyed the experience and loved my purchases (as did my husband). I found the session very enlightening in what to look for that suits my type of frame. Appreciate the website addresses too and will take a look in the future, again thanks heaps.” Stella, Macquarie NSW booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“I loved my styling session with you and learnt a great deal. I’ve already worn my new jacket and had lots of compliments! I’m also looking over my wardrobe with a more discerning eye and trying to incorporate everything you told me, so I’m dressing more for my shape. It feels better already. I’ve also told alot of my friends and other mums from school about it so don’t be surprised if you get a few more calls.” Kathy, NSW booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“I was not surprised this would be a positive experience for Andrew and myself as I had already received a sound recommendation from one of your Clients. We were impressed by your efficiency, professionalism and directed approach. It allowed for a critical review of Andrew’s existing wardrobe and an opportunity to learn about available styles and brands which would suit and compliment his looks. An important part of the process was learning to have the confidence to attempt different looks and styles as well as understand what properly fitting clothes should be. Since the session Andrew has worn with pleasure both the informal and informal clothing items and in addition we took our new-found knowledge to the sales with good results. We would have no hesitation in recommending Style Angel to our colleagues as a positive experience!” Andrew from Ashfield received a 3 hour Personal Shopping Experience for Men from his Wife Elaine which took place at David Jones in Sydney CBD

“I would like to say thank you to both Angela and the staff at Diana Ferrari in Penrith. I was treated like gold while I was there and it was an invaluable experience in terms of knowing what colours to wear and what styles suit me best. I have received several compliments already and have even made some more purchases, feeling confident in knowing what to look for when shopping for clothes. My husband is happy that I have chosen to step outside of my traditional ‘black’ wardrobe! My autumn/winter wardrobe is sorted out and I feel that shopping experiences from now on will be much more pleasant and pain free.”
Lisa, NSW booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“Fantastic experience. The info that was left with me regarding things that suit my face shape and body type will be a great bible for future purchases and decisions.”
Christie, Penrith booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari


“I had a great time and am very happy with my new suit!! Feels and looks great. I have talked to a few friends and a couple are very interested in coming next time. I suggested that we should do it again in the next season perhaps.” Samantha, Foster NSW booked in for a Style Consultation at Diana Ferrari

“Angela was great, she had some great advise and loved every minute of my two hours with her. highly recommend it!” Amanda from Botany booked in for a 2 hour Shop in Your Wardrobe Experience which took place at her home in Botany

“WOW what an amazing experience!!! I was anxious to start with and had many concerns about spending the money, was it over indulgent, and would Angela ‘get my style/non style’,  but I can honestly say its the best investment I have made in a long time.  During the ‘Shopping in my wardrobe’ session which Angela made the trek to Port Macquarie for, Angela helped me to make the hard decisions about what should stay and what should go or was worth altering.  The shelves were definitely a little bare so that week I booked Angela for a shopping trip.  Not only did I come away with some amazing outfits/pieces I also learnt so much about how to shop.  Angela was also amazing with pairing things back to what she knew was in my wardrobe at home.  Shopping has been my arch nemesis for many years but since our trip I have been shopping successfully on my own and even had 2 girlfriends ask me to come and help them, which of course I used Angela’s tips and tricks. The online style portfolio and colour swatches have really been the icing on the cake for me and I know they will help me to continue to ‘put together’ amazing outfits that truly suit me. Thanks to Angela’s brilliance I now feel much more relaxed about what to wear and way more confident when I walk out the door. And I have to say others have definitely noticed the difference. Whether you start with just the online portfolio or getting your colours done or you go for the whole shebang like I did, you will be amazed at what it does for you. I really cant believe Im now excited at the idea of shopping – Thank you so much Angela you really are a true Style Angel…” Cindy from Port Macquarie booked in for the Wardrobe Styling and Style Session

“With my wardrobe I always felt like there were some gems in there but lost among a whole lot of clothes that do not fit or do not suit or were on sale and still have tags on. I was really looking forward to getting some direction about what to shop for, colours that suited me and to put an end to me buying items that look great on the hanger but unflattering on me. The whole shopping experience was fantastic, I could see the difference that wearing the right colours for my fair skin tone (Barbara is most suited to Warm and Autumn coloours) was making to my overall appearance. We also found a pair of Mavi jeans that made me lose 2 kilos instantly! I went home with 4 dresses, sandles, jeans, a work blouse and trousers, tank tops and some great accessories, all without breaking the bank. People comment every time I wear an item we bought together. Could not be happier!” Barbara from Coorangbong received a Christmas Gift Voucher for a 3 hour Personal Shopping Experience and a Colour Swatch and Portfolio which took place at Pitt Street Mall

“From the first phone call confirming the gift voucher had been processed, I felt that you were extremely professional and efficient. You arrived promptly at your house at the agreed upon time. You went to work quickly, without much small talk in order to maximise the 2 hour wardrobe consultation. You did not make suggestions that would result in spending more money, but rather helped me “shop in my own closet” and created new combinations or showed me how to update items that I already had. The colour analysis you did was on the mark and many of your comments were consistent with consultants I have worked with in the past, which helped validate your expertise. Your follow up was amazing in terms of answering lingering questions and sending a ‘thank you’ right away. Your visit really opened up a whole new world to me with the comprehensive website in place and access to all kinds of information I never knew was available on on-line. As you know, I have already purchased some Arbonne products and a gift voucher for my husband to be used as a Christmas present. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone I know interested in learning more about how to look better.” Alexandra from Mosman booked in for a 2 hour Shop in Your Wardrobe Experience which took place at her home in Mosman

“Thanks for the new confidence your colour and style analysis have given me! I am doing really well.  New haircut and colour, I have brought some new coloured tops and the Arbonne skin care is going well.” Emma from Melbourne booked in for an Online Colour Analysis and Skin Care Consultation

“Fantastic experience – and the info that was left with me regarding things that suit my face shape and body type will be a great bible for future purchases and decisions.” Christie from Penrith booked in for a STYLE SESSION  which took place at Westfield Penrith Plaza

“Angela was very professional in all her dealings with me; leading up to the meeting, during the experience and after. It was a great day – I learnt so much and had a great deal of fun!” Belinda from Castle Hill  booked in for a 4 hour Personal Shopping Experience for her and her friend Lisa who flew down from Caboolture QLD  which took place at Westfield Bondi Junction

“I had a great time with you the other Saturday. It was interesting when you went through my wardrobe and explained the sort of styles I should be wearing. I could see where I had gone wrong with my tops and shirts and where I had gotten it right (it was nice to know that some of the clothes I had were the right colours and fit). It was so much fun going shopping and trying on things that actually looked good and fitted properly. I have not enjoyed shopping like that for a long time.  I was so happy with everything I purchased and my Husband was delighted with them as well.  He said that he could see how happy I looked and when I tried them all on, he just kept saying how they all make me slimmer and how good the colours were.  I have now worn most of my new work clothes to work and have had plenty of comments about how nice  I look and I feel so much more confident, I do not feel like I have to hide under big tops anymore. I enjoyed the day so much and learnt a lot about what styles and colours to look for and I’ve recommended you to some of my friends.” Lisa from Glenmore Park booked in for a STYLE SESSION AND a WARDROBE STYLING which took place at her home and Penrith Plaza

“I found the experience a lot of fun. We came as a group my best friend, sister and daughters to share the experience. I found that in general you already instinctively go towards the colours that suit you but would not have the range I found in the colour portfolio and personally I had no idea how to put them together for the best effect. The wardrobe organisation allowed me to throw out the things that really I did not wear but thought I might one day HA Ha. I also found it very theraputic throwing it away, now I can look around for better colours and shapes to fill the void. Angela you know how to make people feel at ease and comfortable even though some of our topics ie, problem areas may be sensitive to some of us. It was reaffirming to hear what we already knew, interesting to hear new ways to look at things, tips to disguise bits, and a really fun enlightening day.” Sue from Guildford booked a 2 hour Style Workshop and a 2 Hour Colour Workshop  for herself, her 2 daughters, her sister and best friend. She also got a Style and Colour Portfolio done and finished it off with a “Shop in Your Wardrobe” Consultation which took place at her home

“Angela- you have done wonders to my wardrobe in just 2 hours! It was great going through my clothes with you, and deciding what worked and what did not. I never thought I would have so much fun shopping, let alone be so productive in only 3 hours. I was surprised at how many shops we covered! I now have the knowledge of the styles and colours that suit me, so my future shopping experiences will be enjoyable and more efficient. I love all the clothes and accessories we bought together and have already started wearing them. Today I feel more confident walking down the street, knowing that I look good. Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to friends!” Joanne from Roseville received a 2 hour “Shop in Your Wardrobe” Consultation and 3 Hour Personal Shopping Experience which took place at her home and Westfield Chatswood. 

“I want to say that the 2 hour shopping experience I had with you recently was fantastic! You were very professional,honest, knowledgeable and very helpful in getting me some new pieces for my wardrobe. We actually found everything on my list and a pair of shoes too so thank you again and I have worn all of them already!” Natalie from Cremorne received a STYLE SESSION which took place Chatswood Chase

“Angela, thanks for your great style consulting and personal shopping assistance. Before working with you, I found I was concerned with how I looked and I did not have much sense of what clothes worked together, so I stayed with basics I knew, which were frankly a bit boring. Now, I feel much prouder and more confident of how I look and I get compliments on my dress and appearance I never used to get before. Yesterday, I met a woman I have not seen for several months and the first thing she said was “Wow, You look fantastic!”. I have clothes that really fit me well and can be business elegant or casual, funky and fun. I feel in style and younger looking, which is a great thing. With your guidance, I have a whole new appreciation for dressing in style and I am much more concious of what outfits work well for business, casual or fun outings. I really appreciated how easy it was to work with you and your professionalism at all times. I especially appreciate the great deals we got when we went shopping at Herringbone! I have recommended you to several of my friends who have been really impressed with my makeover.” Stephen from Lane Cove booked a Wardrobe Organisation and a STYLE SESSION which took place at his home, in Surry Hills at the Herringbone factory Outlet and at Myer and David Jones in Sydney

“Going through my colour and style portfolio with Angela was fun and educational. I learnt about my body shape and what clothes would suit me best, and more importantly, what clothes to avoid. Going through the colours was a real eye opener and I am looking forward to adding these to my current black & white wardrobe. This has made me think about my current wardrobe, and how I can improve on this to make sure I am wearing clothes to suit me, both style and colour. I am looking forward to more efficient shopping where I do not have to try on half the shop to find the best item for me!” Joanne from Roseville won a Style and Colour Consultation which took place at the Style Angel Studio

“Thanks a million for the two hour styling session. Such a great prize! I have been telling all my friends about it. Someone told me years ago that I should wear autumn colours, and I took that to mean that I should buy oranges, browns etc (like Autumn leaves!). Anyhow, you set me straight on that, and I now know that my skin tone suits a really wide range of colours (including purple, blue etc). I also learnt what to look for to suit my rectangular body shape, which was so useful. I came away from the session armed with information, and feeling confident about buying clothes and accessories.” Tanya from Turramurra won a STYLE SESSION which took place at Chatswood Chase.

“I decided to enlist Angela’s help in sorting out my life long wardrobe disasters I would make classic (to me) mistakes of buying lovely patterned tops but then couldn’t find anything to match with them, and didn’t have anything at home to go with them either.  I also generally felt ‘messy’ in my clothes, not very coordinated. I organised with Angela to do a wardrobe makeover and had purposely held onto a few clothes which I wanted to rid myself of a while back.  Angela went through the whole of my wardrobe and my ‘to throw away pieces’ and revived several of them, she explained in detail about how getting the colour right goes along way to wearing the right clothes for you, so out went most of my black which I had thought were the right things to wear.  It was good to find that I was spot on with some of my wardrobe and then Angela showed me how to put outfits together which I would have never dreamed of,  talk about shopping in your own wardrobe, it is so true!! Since her visit, I have been wearing more of my jewellery and less black close to my face.

I then decided  to replace some of my items with good key pieces so again enlisted Angela’s help we met on a Sat afternoon and we achieved an enormous amount in the time we had. Angela was right on the mark knowing which shops would suit me in both cut and colour and I learnt plenty about shopping which I can use in the future. Before my visit we had discussed items I thought would be good, based on the gaps in my wardrobe from the previous experience and explained my issues with buying shoes, me and my wide feet always struggle! We managed to gain the majority of the items and a bonus of 3 pairs of shoes which all fitted and are great additions to my wardrobe! Angela made it all so easy! We looked at clothes I wouldn’t have even thought of picking up (love my purple shirt dress!!) and Angela remembered what was in my wardrobe and explained how items I purchased would link with my existing pieces! I not only learnt a huge amount through our time together, I have some great clothes which I am now enjoying wearing. Thank you so much Angela.” Sharon from Mosman booked in for a 2 hour “Shop in Your Wardrobe” Experience and a STYLE SESSION which took place in Sydney City Centre

“I really enjoyed the shopping experience with you – it was great to learn about colours in particular and I have been enjoying my purchases. I think the session built confidence in my ability to determine what clothes suit me well. The black dress is something I am really looking forward to wearing when it gets a little warmer.” Philippa from Kingston ACT booked in for a STYLE SESSION which took place in Sydney City Centre.

“I wish I had have known about Angela sooner! I bought more clothes in 2 hours that suited my colouring, my shape and my personality than I had managed to buy over my entire lifetime. Angela has a real knack at knowing what clothes will look great and feel comfortable. I no longer have to face my wardrobe each morning wondering what on earth I will wear…I came away with an entire wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories that feel amazing, together with an idea of what type of clothes suit my colouring and shape and the confidence to try something different..all in 2 hours of shopping! Thanks Angela, now when I go out I dress like a confident and feminine young mother as opposed to an 18 year old tomboy and it feels fantastic! I hope to see you again in the summer!” Lisa from Croydon booked in for a STYLE SESSION given to her by her Husband which took place at Westfield Parramatta.

“After 3 years wearing Maternity or “Breastfeeding-kind” clothes having had two kids, I was completely fed up with my frumpy wardrobe and after long sleepless nights and beginning to not take care of my appearance – sad but true! – I wanted to feel more feminine again.  Angela was inspirational she took a quick look through my wardrobe told me what “gaps” needed filling and listened to my needs.

Then we went off on a shopping trip to Chatswood that left me feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with all my shopping bags!!  With just a few core items for my wardrobe and some great fashion accessories plus other bits and pieces Angela transformed my wardrobe. EVERY item Angela picked for me even if I was a little hesitant once I tried it on it made perfect sense and looked great!  Later that day I put on one of the outfits that Angela had picked out for me and I received numerous compliments from my Partner and friends that we met that evening. It gave me such a confidence boost!

I was so inspired by Angela’s choices that I had Angela come back a week later for a wardrobe makeover, which was great! She helped me clear out a lot of stuff, but better again she showed me how to mix and match items that I would never have put together in my wardrobe and would have probably thrown out or never worn again.  My wardrobe is now still functioning as it did when Angela re-modeled it (you’ll be glad to hear Angela!), it has taken the stress out of finding items to wear and match and the layout is just great.  I’ve raved to all my friends and family about my two experiences – they are now planning on booking in too!!

Cannot recommend Angela enough, she gave me a boost when I needed it most, leave it to the expert she certainly knows her stuff, plus she is such a lovely person to deal with.
Thanks again Angela and I will be in touch again soon!!” Collette from Drummoyne was given a Christmas Git Voucher and booked in for a STYLE SESSION and a Wardrobe Organisation which took place at her home, Westfield Chastwood and Chatswood Chase.

“I totaly enjoyed this experienced. Angela is an absolute professional…from the time she called to arrange the booking..to the email and phone follow up..and of course, the actual day! Angela is extremely helpful, with obvious years of experience and expertise. This experience is useful to anyone…whether you have no idea what your personal style is..or just require some extra tips and confirmation that you’re on the right track! I would recommend this experience to anyone. It’s your opportunity to feel like the rich and famous for a couple of hours…with your own personal stylist with you as you browse the shops. Great fun!!” Anonymous Female Client

“It was like having a friend come along with you shopping telling you honestly what looked good and what didn’t. She wasn’t pushy in making me choose items that I didn’t like, she was taking into consideration my own style, my likes and dislikes. I ended up buying 6 different items that I am very happy with.” Anonymous Female Client

“Angela knows her business that’s for sure! In 2 hours we only visited 2 shops but bought everything to suit me, in my colours and styles – it was fantastic . My usual 2 hour shopping experience leaves me frustrated and with probably if I’m lucky 2 or 3 pieces – however we managed to kit me out taking into account my wardrobe back at home. I cant wait to wear all my new clothes and thank Angela for the excellent advice!” Anonymous Female Client

“Had a fantastic time and learnt so much, would have liked another hour to understand matching outfits and dressing up and down an outfit. I suppose a complete makeover rather than bits and pieces. A fantasic way to understand and make you feel confident in the way to dress. It’s a great way to learn new skills and learn how shop differently than you normally would. Learnt so much, if anything it’s fun and Angela is lovely making you feel comfortable.” Anonymous Male Client

“My session with fashion stylist Angela was excellent. She knew exactly what was required to make the session as quick and worthwhile as possible. I actually saved a lot of money using her service which was mostly due to her savvy business sense. Highly recommend Angella and would ask for her service next time I need clothes.” Anonymous Male Client

“I have already told so many women about how good it was and they are very interested in doing it themselves.” Anonymous Female Client

“I loved it, and would recommend anyone that wanted to do this, DO IT!”Anonymous Female  Client