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10 Most Important Things to Look For When You Shop

Welcome to the Style Course; 10 Most Important Things to Look for When You Shop!

Shopping for yourself is NOT a skill, a gene you inherit or a special gift available only to a selected few.

On the contrary, it is a simple checklist and a focus and a determination to only ever buy things you love 100%.

Yes, you can take a deep breath, roll your stress-shoulders and say goodbye to aimless wandering at your local Westfield.

Over this free 10 part series that you can follow in your own time, I will share with you all my personal styling techniques I use so you can enjoy building a great wardrobe that you love.

Feel free to share them with your girlfriends and family if you think they would find this interesting. Share the Love!

There are 10 Parts to this Style Course. After you have finished one you will be guided to select the next part. You will also find links back to earlier parts in case you need a refresh.

Part 1 – What is Missing in Your Wardrobe

Knowing what is in your wardrobe is a must before you add more.

In this part I take you through the steps on how to organise your wardrobe.

I will even share with you that it is very possible that you have $6000 worth of clothes sitting in your wardrobe right now gathering dust!

I love this part and I hope you get lots out of it!


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.02.21 pm

Part 2 – What Looks Great for Your Body Shape 

Research shows that 91% of women are not happy with their body shape. Discover in part 2 what your body shape is what styles really work for you.
You can take the ideal styles for your shape and compare them to what you currently have in your wardrobe.
You will find it very easy to measure your body shape and use the Style Angel online body shape calculator.
Part 3 - What are your Best Colours?

I love this topic as knowing and wearing your best colours you will look healthy and feel great.

In this part I delve deeper into how you can work out what looks great on you.

I also share an incredible list of colours that are universal and suit every one.


PartScreen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.57.22 pm 4 – Bring Out The Personal Shopper

Years and years of unproductive shopping may have taken the excitement out of shopping for you.You may preempt already that you are probably not “going to fit into anything” or “find anything”, so it is time to take on your shopping alter ego so your super shopping powers are turned on.
I will you show you how!
Chapter 5

 Part 5 – Create a Shopping Plan

One of the crucial parts of a successful shopping trip in my experience is to create a Shopping Plan.

In Part 5 I will take you through a list of things that will make it easier for you to shop and quite possibly could save you hundreds of dollars.

Chapter 6Part 6 – Set Your Budget

Sticking to your budget is really important to have a guilt free shopping trip.

The amount of tags I have seen on items never worn in clients’ wardrobe is proof that there is room for improvement. Learn to be a smart buyer and take charge in Part 6.



Chapter 7

Part 7 – Spot The Look

What to do when you walk into a clothing store? This is when the magic starts. You are loaded with ideas of what you are looking for. Either individual items or entire new looks.

In Part 7 you get an exclusive insight into the process I go through selecting the items that ultimately will make it to the top items to buy.




Part 8 - Pick the Right Pattern

Part 8 – Pick the Right Pattern

Patterns are a tricky thing to pick for most my clients so I have it easy in Part 8  that you can find the right size of pattern as well as the right colour combination.

Patterns have a great ability to hide your natural curves by giving the mind of the person looking at you so much to process.

If the pattern is not only great in size, perfect for your colouring and the garment is a fantastic style for your body shape; you have hit the jackpot!


Chapter 9

 Part 9 – Check the Perfect Fit

A really important part of creating a wardrobe that you love, is to go through all the elements of your potential new purchase while you are trying the pieces in the change room.

Settling for less in this moment can cost you lots of money and disappointment. In fact, it is the moment that will decide if you are adding an item that you love wearing to your collection or that the item will gather dust in your wardrobe.

This part will take you through each item of clothing what you need to look for. From tops to bottoms, from bras to shape wear!


Chapter 10 Part 10 – The Love Factor

Wouldn’t it be great to have every single item in your wardrobe being a 10 out of 10! How exciting would getting dressed be? No more trying many different outfits on before you get the “one” that you will wear that day. How much happier would you be if everything that you wear feels comfortable and looks great.

Love can mean many things to different women. For some it is the way it looks, the way it feels and for others it is the number of compliments they receive. For many it is all of the above.



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